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Truck Driving School Idaho- The Facts

If you want to drive a truck in the United States, you have to have a CDL. This Commercial Driver’s License is mandatory. There are many trucking companies that hire you if you have earned a CDL without attending a truck driving school, but many create a problem. It is, therefore, recommended that you attend a truck driving school and get your CDL. Before enrolling for a school, you should know certain facts about it.

Here are five facts about truck driving school –

1.Procedure – The procedure for getting a CDL is very simple. You have to first take a written exam at the Department of Motor Vehicles. When you pass this exam, you will be given your CDL permit. With this permit you are eligible to drive in the company of a CDL licensed driver. Your permit expires in six months and you should enroll at a truck driving school within that time to get your training and CDL license.

2.Types of schools – There are three types of truck driver schools –

a)Private Training Schools – You will be taught how to drive an 18-wheeler on the American roads. They provide you with a CDL permit.

b)Public Truck Driving School – Here, apart from learning to driving a truck, you also learn about mechanics and technology.

c)Training School Owned by A Company – This type of school provides the employees of a trucking company with the necessary training and license required for their job.

3.Duration Of The Course – The duration of the truck driving school depends on the nature of the course. Full-time courses can take around five weeks, while part-time courses take longer to complete. If you enroll for only weekend classes, it takes around twenty weeks to complete the course.

4.Certification – Before you enroll at a truck driving school, check its accreditation and certification. This certification implies that the standard of the school’s graduate program for truckers meet the industry standard. The Professional Truck Driver Institute carries out certification. A driving school need not have a certification, but its course should be recognized in the industry.

5.Considerations – There are some important things that you should keep in mind before settling down on a truck driving school. Find out about the fees structure and the duration of the complete course. Also, find out if the school will help you find a job after graduation. You may not be able to get the CDL at one try, in that case check whether the school allows you to continue your training with them until you receive your CDL.

There are many schools with websites. You can visit them to find out more information. Compare the course structure, fees and job opportunity of the school you are interested in. The truck driver’s school is not only for a CDL, but also trains you for other aspects of truck driving. Read more to be clear about all the facts involved.